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Solo exhibitions


JBF Galerie, "Eloge du Chaos", Paris, september-october 2022

Galerie am Lindenhof, "In a constant state of Flux", Zurich, Switzerland, june 2017

Galerie Claudia Geiser, "Resonance of silence", Zurich, Switzerland, april 2017

Galerie des Dominicains, Nice, France, february 2016

Villa de la Région, "About Flux, Dark Light and Spheres", Reunion Island, september 2016

Kronengalerie, „Form is Emptiness“, Zurich, Switzerland, march 2015

Galerie Audet, Colmar, France, june 2014

La Ligne Galerie, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, july 2013

Galerie Audet, Colmar, France, may 2013

Villa Angélique, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, september 2012

Opus Art Galerie Réunion, 2012-2020


Collectiv exhibitions



Gallery 5D South Indian Ocean, Arts du Japon, december 2023 - january 2024

Stella Matutina Museum and Opus Galerie, Reunion Island, "Stellarium", with photographer Marie Lanfroy, september 2021 

Uffizi Galleries, "The Garzoni Challenge", Advancing Women Association, Firenze, Italy, may-june 2020

Residenza d'Arte Il Palmerino, Firenze, Italy, february-april 2020

Galerie Ter Là, Réunion Island, "Paysages" with Jimmy Cadet, Reunion Island, november 2018

START, European contemporary art fair, Strasbourg, France, november 2013

Theater of Reunion Island, « Reflection" with Jimmy Cadet, Reunion Island, october 2018


Public collections and exhibitions


Stella Matutina Museum, Reunion Island, september 2021

Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC), Reunion Island, "Work in Progress", november 2016

Regional Fund of Reunion Island, 2016 and 2019

La Réunion des Talents Fund, 2022