Julie Hauer, born 1979 in France, is living in Reunion Island since 2004. Inspired by a work from a painter unknown to her that she discovered on a trip to Asia and overwhelmed by the feeling that crossed her by its sight, she started to paint, while continuing her law-studies.

She practiced as a lawyer until 2011, then – driven by an inner compulsion – gave up her former life and travelled to Asia to dedicate herself entirely to painting as an independent artist. She wanted to explore new things, get to know herself and experience the world. Amongst other places, her travels took her to Indonesia, China, and Thailand, where she spent months in a monastery engaging intensively with meditation, awakening to the asian aesthectics, and finally, to zen teachings and practice. This all opened new ways to herself and to painting.

She displayed her first personal exhibition in the Galerie Audet in Colmar, France, in 2013. Since then  her works have been presented regularly in solo and group shows on Reunion Island, Nizza, Strasbourg and Zurich. Her works are included in numerous private collections in Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, France and Reunion Island, and in the public collections of the Region Réunion.