photocredit @ericlafargue
photocredit @ericlafargue


Julie Hauer lives and works in Reunion Island. Her abstractions explore inner landscapes oscillating between an original, almost chemical chaos and large serene spaces, like a pendulum play between ether and telluric, in which the infinitely minuscule, the organic, touches the great cosmic voids. Her artworks are not aimed at telling a story nor to represent landscapes, but to convey the inexpressible,  questioning the way in which man portrays his relationship to the metaphysical. 


After practicing as a lawyer, she devoted herself exclusively to painting from 2012 and spent two years in Asia learning about Japanese and Chinese aesthetics and internal arts. She then carried out her own research which eventually led her to use more personal, mixed media techniques. 

Upon returning to France, she exhibited her work in her first solo exhibit in 2013 at the Galerie Audet in Colmar, then at the Galerie Claudia Geiser in Zürich in 2017. This was followed by solo and group exhibitions in Nice, Reunion Island, and Italy.


In 2020, Julie Hauer spent three months in residence at the Villa Palmerino in Florence, Italy. She was selected by AWA (Advancing Women Artists) to present a selection of her work at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence as part of the Garzoni Project in May 2020.

In September 2021, her paintings were showcased at the Stella Matutina Museum in La Réunion.

In october 2022, she displayed her artworks in her first soloshow in Paris at the Galerie JBF, rue de Miromesnil, in the 8th district.

Her work has entered several private collections in Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, France and Germany.